Loss of a Century

This week we learned all about the impacts on journalism as social media progresses. I had three comments this week on my blog and was interested to see everyone’s comments. I found this weeks reading incredible interest as the effects can be seen in real time. I enjoyed reading alenasaric comments on my blog and her opinion on the matter. I was interested in seeing a different side of the situation. “I find that in today’s age much of what we call “journalism” is not good journalism at all. I think that journalists nowadays maybe try to get the most accurate information that they can, but many times they have some personal interests or biases that they are trying to protect”.  I honestly agree with you when you stated that it was “hard to tell what is correct and what is false” when trying to judge facts on citizen’s journalism. I have experienced this confusion far to often, and I think it’s far to conclude that the majority of people have as well. Also I believe again that social media has opened several doors to citizens to become online journalist just like kkuhl2013 says. For example I see this social media used on a daily basis at my job, and I am a business administration student with a concentration in finance. This combination is not something one would typically find, finance and social media coming together. However the level of importance for social media has increase dramatically It seem that without the use of it, a business will not survive in this day and age. Reporting numbers and facts with an updated status has never been so important for a business. Customers and shareholders demand to know how a business is doing, and with the use of social media, they are getting what they desire, on a more immediate basis. This has an in creditable impact on the markets. The transparency level is at an all time high, which is great for financial analysis as it more accurately shows the impact on cause and affect for fluctuation in the market.


I was thrilled to hear an academic reference by Little Fish with 
the impacts on social media with the New York Times. It was great to learn how the use of social media has changed the direction of how people consume the news. The newspaper giant, started production, producing a paper copy and to see how the use of social media has transferred the format into a digital one. However I was saddened by the news of the news papers losses and job losses due to the use of social media. I as a consumer, understand the reasoning behind the losses but as a business student understand the importance in the economy that the news paper giant had.  I will conclude with one statement, that I am with great distress over the impact that social media has had on our economy, both with the positive and negative aspects.



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