Module 4: What Surprised Me

I think it is fair to assume that everyone this week truly believes that the innovations and constant changes in technology are an asset. kkuhl2013 says “that 
It is truly amazing what one can do with a computer from the comfort of their own home”! lifeofascanner says “I too love online shopping and probably do it more than I should, the past week I have bought two pairs of shoes and was very excited when they arrived 4 days later (very fast compared to others)”. I love your style ladies! I find that I do not use the internet enough for shopping purposes. I agree with the consenses that the changes in technology allow for great convenience and for time-savings. However I was surprised and interest by Alensaric’s comments on online shopping. I believe my identity of a Canadian makes me extremely trusting and that can be a drawback for me when it comes to online shopping. I was a little surprised to hear that some people hate to pay for shipping and handling. As a customer I understand why one would not want to pay for shipping and handling but as a business student I also understand the costs of doing business online. There is always a cost associated with everything, online shopping is no different. The costs that comes with convience develops the economy and increases services that we may not use as much. For example the cost of sending a package, infuses mail services which is a service that we as a society has cut out. There is also a cost benefit analysis that the consumer needs to take into consideration. The costs associated with driving to a mail, paying for parking is just two costs associated with going to purchase an idem at a store. If the these costs are lower then the costs of shipping and handling then the decision is clear.


I love Little Fish’s comment “New media and technology really make shopping easier than before, which make me spend my money even easier”. I agree 100% and of course from a business prospective convience = success. Business want purchases to be as easy as possible as consumers will be more likely to purchase more if it is easy to do so. I also found “People have to give up something in order to gain something. Its like you will lose your privacy when you share a picture with your family members, but you can enjoy the picture from them. Hence, we are all producer and consumer on the internet’ very interesting. I appreciate the business prospective that Little Fish gave. In conclusion I will end this post by reposting kkuhl2013 comments. “The readings this week point out how economies and political powers are engaged in online activity. The further I read the more difficult I found to see boundaries which was also noted in our readings. As I stated in the initial post “In other words, some individuals believe today’s society is too restricted and others believe our society isn’t restricted enough.” Truly subjective to the individual!”






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